The Founding

Luke P. Lally founded Lujean Printing Company, Inc. in 1961. Luke, who had been the general manager of the Cape Cod Standard Times, started the company when he was awarded the contract to publish The Otis Notice, the weekly newspaper at Otis Air Force Base.

The name Lujean came from merging the first name of Luke and his wife Jeanne who was an integral part of the fledgling company.

Lujean continued to publish the Otis Notice as a weekly paper through 1973, when it was discontinued. It was revived in 1977 as a monthly and still serves the base now known as the Massachusetts Military Reservation.

During the 1960s and '70s the company expanded it's printing capabilities to include sheet fed presses as well as the web newspaper press.

An old edition of the Otis Notice before it was temporarily discontinued, printed back in May of 1973.
Lujean Today...

Lujean is now a complete offset printing plant, printing everything from business cards and stationary to newspapers, books and magazines.

As the years rolled on Lujean maintained it's customer base by upgrading its equipment, especially in the computer area.

These upgrades include the ability to print process color, not only on the sheet fed press, but also on the web press. Some digital capabilities have also been added.

Over the years Luke has retired and the mantle has shifted to his son Michael, who is now president of the company.